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Top Tips for Selling Your Designer Handbag

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Vowed to clean your closet? You may have to throw some items out, but hopefully not your handbags - lots of resale options out there. After a few hours of organizing your stuff and taking photos, you could have enough in the coffers to buy some new bags.

Here are tips for reselling your handbags online:

Do some pricing research.

Among the first steps to take before reselling Her Authentic handbags online is to set their prices. Look online and find out how much similar items have sold for in recent months. You can, for example, snoop in on sites like eBay and Amazon by checking their completed sales archives. Of course, you should check other issues too, such as how worn or well-conditioned the bag is. Regardless of the price you bought the bag for, set your price from the viewpoint of the buyer.

To add, make sure you factor in any associated resale fees (unless you’re selling directly to an individual). These can go from a small percentage off of the bag’s price to as much as half of your total sale, so make read up before moving forward. Of course, you’ll want to maximize your potential return or at least avoid unpleasant surprises.

Take decent photographs.

If you want to attract as many potential buyers as possible, make sure you take large and well-lit photos of your handbags. Your cell phone will do just fine, provided its camera is good. As much as possible, take your photos where you have a source of natural light. Find that perfect spot in your backyard and start snapping away!

Know what’s important to buyers at All big brands have unique characteristics that signify authenticity, whether it’s interior tags, handle attachments, hot stamping, etc. Most buyers of designer handbags are veterans, which means they know exactly what to look for. When they know they’re getting the real deal, they will be happy to pay more.

Be extra careful when selling directly to a person.

If you’re selling to an individual, be a little more observant and discerning. If they want you to take the transaction off the service or they want to use a relatively unknown payment processor, be suspicious. These things concern buyers a lot, but even as a seller, you have to be vigilant. To gain more knowledge on the importance of product review, visit

Be reasonable.

Finally, if you want someone to do something favorable to you, try to predict what they would need in order to feel comfortable doing it. Have a heart for people who are set to give you money! Give them clear pictures, respond to their communications in a timely and respectful manner, and ship when you say you will. If you can do all three, there’s a much better chance of a repeat business in the future.