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Making a Handsome Return on your Designer Handbag

Designer handbags are some of the treasured possessions out there. These bags look wonderful, but also vary some of the heaviest price tags around. If you have a collection of these bags and you no longer use them, you can make plenty of money off them. Granted, you will not get the exact amount you spent on them, but it shall be a handsome return. You should make a point of knowing the right place to sell it. You shall find out more about that buyer on this site.

When you make up your mind to deal with a designer handbag reseller, there is a process you need to follow. These are what will add to you getting the best price from the sale. The first of course is to identify an authentic buyer online.

Begin by locating the box, dust bag, receipt and authenticity card for the bag. You will find that most people look at the packaging that came with the designer handbag as not important. But for those who need to sell the bag in the future, those items are of great importance. They are part of what makes the bag authentic. This will make for a much faster authentication process. When they are not there, that process takes much longer.

You should now prepare a clear and detailed description of the bag. When you are clear and detailed in the description, you will manage to give a proper introduction of the bag, and cut short most of the questions people tend to ask at that stage. You need to check out the bag in great detail, noting any mark, scuffs, tarnishing, creasing, smells and any other wear. You need to do so even if the bag is practically new. If there are unique features on the bag, you need to mention them. You can talk of qualities such as a limited edition piece, in a rare color or leather, the year of manufacture, where it was bought, and its present market availability. Be sure to sell louis vuitton for cash here!

It is then important to take detailed photos of the bag from all angles. You need to either use a high-resolution smartphone camera, or a professional digital camera. You need to use natural lighting for the photo session. Make sure to cover all those details you had mentioned in the first part of the process. You need to take photos of the inside and outside, and the accessories and packaging of the bag. Keep your personal info on the receipt concealed. Make sure to sell louis vuitton here!

After you have agreed with the buyer to sell the bag to them, make sure you deliver it to them safely. You can have the bag tracked to the destination. Some of the resellers make a point of sending you a prepaid packaging to get the bag to them. See this video at for more insights about product review.

With such a plan in place, you shall satisfy the needs of any buyer, and make some good money in the process.

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